Floral Kombat: Tutorial

Probably the thing I like least about writing tutorials is knowing that most of what I put in will be ignored entirely or misinterpreted.

It’s much easier to choose to get caught up in making the menu very very very pretty than it is to invest in writing the tutorial…


And why not right?  I care a lot about aesthetics and making things pretty… and… and… I think it’s pretty…

I mean, I HAVE a tutorial button, so I’ll definitely do it… And yes, I have actually been working on the Tutorial, but… the menu is so much shinier.


Look at that bloom!  Look at that blur!

If I want people to read any text I have in the tutorial, I need to make it more than just instructional text. It’s got to text people will WANT to read and NOT want to miss.

It’s got to have the sense of humor appropriate to the game.

I do think Wand Wars does a pretty okay job with this by making the text all flavored dialogue and giving it sound that matches the mood.

What I want to do differently is use fewer steps.  I feel like I only need to explain 5 things:

  1. You are a flower and your goal is be the first to reproduce!
  2. You suck pollen out of bees (by holding down A, you move with L stick)
  3. You refill empty bees by launching them at refillers (using X and aiming with L stick)
  4. You knock pollen out of opponents by launching bees at them
  5. You can suck up pollen opponents drop when hit

I do want to use text to explain objectives, and I want to use images/animations to explain controls.  There’s a lot I’ve seen from testing that I don’t need to explain.  Something not yet in that category, but that I think should be, is that progress is displayed on the racetrack.

I’ve already started doing most of this.  Now I’ve just got DO the rest of it.

It’s less technically challenging and more mentally draining.

I guess it is worth sharing the progress I have made though.

Sep-23-2016 19-11-00.gif

Oh yeah, the refillers now act that new way where they only refill when targetted with a launch. They now also hold beggar-esque signs to explain the conversion they do.

Also, something something pretty water?  I got pretty into Caustics last week.

Anyway, that’s pretty much it.

Until next time,


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