3x News!

This was an exciting week in terms of notifications!


Z Smart Tiles is now available on the Unity Asset Store!  It felt good to finally put that up there, and even get some downloads!  I put it up for free, since I just wanted to share it, and figured it’d be easier that way.


Floral Kombat was accepted into the Boston FIG showcase, so I’ll be showcasing it on September 10th!  😀

I received great feedback from the curators of Boston FIG.  Some overarching comments I’d especially like to address are:

  • The game is fairly stagnant with 2 players, and interactions aren’t meaningful
  • The high number of resources makes interactions generally unnecessary
  • Interactions, in general, aren’t very deep, and so the game has very low replay value
  • Winning doesn’t feel victorious enough

I have a fair amount of polish/refining I’d like to do between now and then, not the least of which involves smoothing the tutorial process such that anyone can pick-up-and-play with little-to-no instruction.  Though the curators mentioned they were able to pick up the controls, I’m unsure whether or not they were able to out of a sense of duty and whether or not they gave my game more patience than they otherwise would have.

Ideally I’ll also have it submitted to Steam Greenlight before FIG begins.


Er… oh wait… this one’s not a notification, and not really that great.

I incorporated Z Smart Tile into Floral Kombat (I’ve got to change from my default tiles, since they don’t really look right), and then, being bold and stupid, I decided to pack the sprites I was using before to reduce batches, and… it kinda messed up, like, all the shaders.

Aug-14-2016 23-09-16.gif

Eh, I guess that’s why I’m using git.

That’s all for this week.

Something I think will help with on-boarding in Floral Kombat is making the first stage more linear in nature, so that players can learn both the controls and the flow before being faced with another player.

Until next time,


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