Z Smart Tiles!

Remember that thing I said about the 2×2 sprite implementation being less efficient than the shader implementation… well…

Turns out that’s not actually true.  I did a comparison, and, as it turns out, the 2×2 sprite implementation is better, even though it uses more tris because the 2×2 sprite implementation allows using a sprite sheet (via the Sprite Packer), which means all the sprites actually use the same draw call 😉

(And just to make sure, I made, like 1024 of each type and checked the frame rate.  Honestly, I hope no one makes a tile map with that many tiles…)


Based on a suggestion from a friend, I also made a “how to” video:

I guess now I just wait for the approval process.  In any case, it feels real real good to have submitted, and I’d like to make a habit of this.

Something that this process reminded me was that publishing is more important than making something perfect (and also I was perhaps because I’ve been giving this same advice in the class I’m teaching ;p  I should take my own advice).

I spent a lot of time stressing over doing things “the optimal way” when really I should have just been pragmatic about it.  Stressing about doing stuff right can lead to that whole development-in-a-vacuum thing, and I’m always allowed to update.

Of course I don’t want to put out something that is low quality, but I also don’t want my projects to die in that bin of “I never got it good enough.”

That’s pretty much all for this week.

Next up, fixing Floral Kombat.

Until next time,


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