Standing, Sitting, Lying Down

A LATE post and a SHORT post… because this past week/this current week, my focus was/will be on final prep for my 3-month full-time position.


I’ve been doing that working-while-standing thing long enough that now I associate standing with productivity and sitting with not-productivity.

I feel I can get into a better “flow state”† standing than I used to be able to sitting down, though this does mean that when I’m sitting, it’s generally more difficult for me to get into that state.

†ugh… I really hate how pretentious that sounds… like, it sounds super pretentious.  Though, maybe I’m complaining about the wrong thing.  Like, just look at the subject matter about which I chose to write…

If my body ever tells me “hey, I want to sit down,” it’s generally a sign that I’ve stopped being productive and should do something else, e.g. sleep.  Whenever I do that, it’s a lot easier to get work done at some later point.

I feel I used to be fairly productive lying down, like, in high school.  Possibly that’s because high school involved completing assignments that had finite ends rather than working on art that has no such thing.  Like, I could look at a homework assignment and pretty easily estimate when it would be done.  If I couldn’t there was a deadline, anyway, that would help me say “okay, someone at least thinks this thing shouldn’t take me more than a night, and if I don’t finish it by then… it’s still gonna be done anyway.”  It’s difficult to do that with art, which is why I find imposing deadlines to be pretty helpful.

If this coming week plays out the way I anticipate it will, I expect another post like this for this coming week, but I still think making posts like this help me.  It ensures that, even on weeks when I cannot do indie dev work, the game’s still on the tip of my brain.

Until next time,


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