Hey Look! Arrows!

Jun-02-2016 17-28-42

Look at all that progress I made this week!  Astounding!

The part-time work that I’m doing is about to turn into full-time work until ~Sept.  Needless to say, this week, it already started doing that.

Have I reached my goal of having Floral Kombat feature complete at this point?  Well…

The game does have all the features I want it to have at this point.  It lacks important things like menus… and audio… and… polish… but I’m actually pretty happy with where it is right now, all things considered.

My upcoming schedule until Sept is going to be much different than it has been the past few months, but I do want to keep up development (even if greatly reduced, like what happened this week) and I want to keep posting here, because it’s a good reminder that “hey, there’s this thing.”

Between now and September, my highest priority should be ensuring that the game does a good enough job of teaching players how to play it, be that via a tutorial, images, text, gameplay elements like arrows, whatever works.

The fancy features, like different insect types, different terrain types, stage unlocking, etc can all get de-prioritized until I have the game in a state where I can hand it to nearly anyone, and that person can play it without me saying anything and without requiring the person to be super-dedicated to the game (i.e. I don’t want people to just read tutorial text because they feel bad not, since I’m a friend, and not reading it seems rude; I want this to be pick-up-and-play-able by a stranger who doesn’t care about me necessarily).

Until next time, and so that I encourage myself to do it soon, let’s say “next time” will be a week from today,



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