Submitted to BFIG!

I submitted Floral Kombat to Boston Festival of Indie Games† on Friday!

This past week was spent mostly getting the game ready for that.

The game still is less dynamic/compelling than I want it to be, but I hope the judges are forgiving; in the past, they have been.  Either way, I know I can expect good feedback from the judges (all entrants, accepted or not, receive feedback forms).

The submission involved a video, which last year’s submission did not, to pitch the game and dev team.  Thankfully the video production quality isn’t a factor; it seems like this is the alternative to a written form, and I think it’s a nice way to give entrants a personable way to express what they want to express.  I did spend more time making the video than I would have spent filling out a form, but perhaps that’s also for the better.

I came through with this low-production-quality, but (I hope) high-representation-of-my-cares video.

[†by the way, they’ve extended their submission deadline to 5/8/16]

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